Home Improvements – Jason Thomas

Owner, Jason Thomas, has spent the last 4 years making improvements to the nicest Ski Resort in Ogden Valley. Prior to this, he did over 5,000 residential and commercial inspections and ran his own home repair and improvement service. Now he’s back, running his own business that brings unique solutions to a unique place. With a combined 28 years experience inspecting, improving, designing new features and repairing homes and businesses, there is no other comparison when it comes to knowledge of materials, unique design and building solutions that last. Combine his construction knowledge with his blacksmithing skills and a fine art degree and you’ll find a most aesthetically pleasing solution to any homeowner or business need.

What some homes and businesses lack nowadays is character. They rely solely upon function, which results in a bland, unimaginative environment with a few accents that try to give it character. The owner usually knows there is something not right about their home and they simply choose to accept it and try to live with it or they are constantly moving furniture around or trying to decorate it to make it work for them. Sometimes what they simply need is a different perspective and that’s one of the advantages of using our company. We are one of a kind and we want to make sure that the environment that you live in is as unique as you are and suits your needs.

What Ironclad is bringing to the table is not a run of the mill repair company, but an opportunity for the homeowner, or business owner, to bring to life the essence of their home or business. Our ability to add, accent and improve upon what is already there has very few design boundaries. If you can imagine it, or allow us to imagine it, most of the time, we can make it happen. The only question is, “Will the function follow form or will the form follow the function?” Either way, we will find a solution.